Frequently Asked Questions on C.E.O at GSU!

With C.E.O. being a new student organization to Georgia State University’s campus, we know you must have many questions. So instead of waiting until the meetings to hear this information, our Executive Board decided to post this FAQ that should answer any initial questions you have about C.E.O., what it is, what we do, and how we benefit you.  If you have a question that is not posted here, feel free to leave the question in the comments section or email us at and we will be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Thank you!

2011-2012 Executive Board

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (C.E.O.) at Georgia State University

1.      What is the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (C.E.O.) at GSU 

  • Nationally, C.E.O is the premier entrepreneurship network with chapters on university campuses across North America. The national mission is to inform, support and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. The newly chartered Georgia State University chapter of C.E.O. carries the same passion to inspire, give resources, support, and encouragement to fellow GSU Panthers seeking to become entrepreneurs, or grow their existing businesses. We will create a community and connected mindset of passionate, motivated, and determined individuals ready to make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

2.      When & How Was the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Started at Georgia State University? Is this the First Year of C.E.O. at GSU?

  •  The National Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (C.E.O.) was discovered in the Fall of 2010, by our Chapter Founder and President, Chevon Hines.  After researching collegiate entrepreneurial related conferences she could personally attend, she found out about C.E.O. National and was determined from that very moment to bring a chapter to GSU. She started communicating with the C.E.O. National office to begin the process of getting an organization at GSU, and while garnering interest about the organization on campus, she found out about The Entrepreneurship Club on campus and contacted the then President of the organization Dorie Jackson to discuss collaborating. The two met and felt merging efforts would be the ideal move for progression and in the Spring Semester of 2011, The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization was Officially Chartered at Georgia State University.

3.      Is C.E.O. a Local or National Organization?

  •  C.E.O.  is a National Organization with Thousands of Members Across North America. GSU is the newest chapter in that membership.

4.      When and Where Does C.E.O. at GSU Meet?

  • You can visit the C.E.O. at GSU Event Page for a list of all meeting dates and events page that will be coming soon for the Spring 2012 semester

5.      Who Can Become a Member of C.E.O at GSU?

  •   Any student with a serious and undeniable passion or interest in entrepreneurship, support, community, and creativity.  Both Graduate and Undergraduate students can be members as well as current and/or future business owners. You do not have to already own a business to be in C.E.O. but you must be very serious and passionate about owning a business now or in the future.

6.      How Does One Become a Member, How Much Does It Cost, and What Do You Get for Your Membership

  • Membership will be extended at our various chapter meetings and events. Also you can get in contact with the C.E.O Executive Board by sending an email saying you are interested in membership to
  • C.E.O. at GSU Annual Membership is $40 and it covers you for the entire academic school year
  • Your C.E.O. at GSU Membership Dues cover the following:

*Annual CEO National Membership- $16.00

*T-Shirt- $5.00

*Member Materials (Folder)- $4.00

               *CEO Chapter Operational Fund- $15

               *Access to Exclusive C.E.O at GSU Events, Volunteer Opportunities, and Information

               *Access to the C.E.O. National Social Network, Mailing Lists, and Competitions

               *Much More. 

7.      Is There a Local and/or National Website for C.E.O?

8.      What Can I Expect in Programming from C.E.O.?  How Does It Benefit Me

  • C.E.O will be hosting programs on topics related to entrepreneurship such as:
  • “Campus C.E.O.”-Business Start-Up 101- Basics of starting a business in School
  • “INVEST THAT REFUND CHECK!”- Ways of Financing Your Company
  • “The Legalities of Business”- Taxes, Laws, and Other Information You Should Know- Panel
  • “Hitting the Rough Patch”- What to Do When You Hit a Downturn, Management Concerns, and Preparing an Exit Strategy
  • and more..
  • We will be hosting various entrepreneurs from all over the city who have experienced success and the process of starting, growing, and maintaining your business.  We will also create an environment in which you can share and get feedback and support on your entrepreneurial journey, connecting you with magazines, books, and other resources that are powerful for entrepreneurship, as well as attending organizations and events in the city that all work to make you successful in your entrepreneurial goals. This benefits you by placing you in an environment that is thriving with support, creativity, resources, and the mindset you need to access your entrepreneurial goals.

9.      Do You All Have a Facebook or Twitter Account?

10.  Is C.E.O. All About Business or Do You All Have Fun Too?!

  • Both! We are certainly ALL about not only business, but SUCCESSFUL Business, but hey we are still college students and human beings! One of our major aims this semester will be finding creative ways to merge the concept of Entrepreneurship AND fun together. No Stiffs over here!

11.  How Does One Become an Executive Board Member of C.E.O.

  • If you are interested in becoming an Executive Board Member, you must be aware that it is a position filled with leadership, responsibility, and time commitment.  However, if you feel you have what it takes, email to express your intention and you will be contacted with more information as soon as possible.

12.  How Can My Organization Get In Touch with C.E.O. at GSU to Collaborate With or Sponsor this Organization?

  • C.E.O at GSU welcomes and appreciates requests for collaboration. If you are interested in hosting an event, speaking for C.E.O. members, or inviting C.E.O to participate with your organization, please e-mail our Founder and President, Chevon Hines at and she will return your communication as quickly as possible.

We thank you for your interest and we look forward to building with you! 

In Entrepreneurial Spirit,

 –The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (C.E.O.) at Georgia State University 


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