Need Help Growing Your Business? Let CEO Spread the Word About You and Your Company!

Any business owner knows that establishing strong and resourceful business relationships are of paramount importance.  Even in our world of growing technology and marketing strategies, expanding your network through word-of-mouth promotion and referrals is STILL the most powerful way to reach new consumers and build great relationships for your business.

CEO is very passionate about giving you the opportunity to understand and experience this dynamic phenomenon and as a benefit for our members we offer to do the following:

  • Spotlight Blog Post Feature– This will be a write-up about you, your company, your vision, and how to get in contact with you if an individual or organization is interested in doing business about you that will go on this blog, which has already received a few thousand hits. This information is automatically sent to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, our e-mail subscribers, and tagged in the Google search, expanding the knowledge and media on you and your company as well as opening up new doors of opportunity.
  • Plugs at the General Body Meetings- During the semester we will have a monthly general body meeting. This will be an ample time for you to communicate any updates in your business or pitch your ideas to the fellow CEO members. You never know where or when new opportunities and new business can happen or where they can lead to. It is our hope that this can facilitate our members in working together for CEO and in their respective businesses.
  • Referrals to People Looking to do Business with You- Business is and has always been built on relationships.  We want to make sure we keep our members in business and that we keep building mutually beneficial relationships.  If you are a loyal CEO member and an profound business person, we will always make sure to refer business to you.

Essentially our purpose is to educate and support you in your entrepreneurial dream.  We feel this will be a great way to make that happen.  For more information on how to become a CEO Member, please visit our post: How to Become a Member of C.E.O at GSU

Have an Enjoyable Holiday Break!

2011-2012 CEO at GSU Executive Board


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