Top Entrepeneur Movies in Recent Years

If you need inspiration on how be a better  leader or feel like trying to start a business is too difficult watch these movies. They all will give you the extra motivation to keep going and keep believing.

1. Jobs (2013)
This movie is based on the late innovator of the whole Apple Inc. brand, Steve Jobs. Ashton Kutcher does a wonderful job potraying the hippy, long hair billionaire. In the film, you get to view how he went from a college dropout to building a billion dollar company. One thing that you learn from the film that success is not easy and there will be set backs alone the way. Another thing to get from the film is that you have to continue to believe in the dreams you have despite what the world around you says.

2. The Social Network (2010)
Have you ever wanted to share information online to all your friends about what going on in your life with pictures and videos? Mark Zuckerberg can help you. This is film based on the early rise of the at the time twenty year billionaire played by Jesse Einsenberg. Zuckerberg solves the issue of sharing connecting people around the world by creating on the worlds biggest social media outlets, what is known today as Facebook. The great thing you learn about this film is that it takes very important individauls to build a brand. Everbody will not see eye to eye but if you are able to weather past all your differences you can create something influential.

3. The Wolf on Wall Street (2014)
One of the most wild versions of an building a business, Leonardo DeCapiro plays Jordan Belfort. An inspired business minded individaul who learns to adopt the philosophy of “No is not the answer!”. You get a great of feel of how he manages his company from a abandoned garage to a tall corporate building. One of the years best films.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Have you ever had just a bad day? Try having being down on your luck for a good year. This isn’t your typical rise from nothing to something entrepreneur film. Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith do a wonderful job acting. The story takes place with a father who is trying to pick up the pieces to his life while also raising his son. This heartfelt film teachs you how keep your head up through all the adversity that life can through at you and to remember three powerful words NEVER GIVE UP!

5. Moneyball  (2011)

Brad Pitt does an awesome job playing a general manager of the Oakland Athletics who is trying to come in a rebuild the team to get back to their winning ways. One of the biggest issues he faces is trying to get the organization and the city of Oakland to continue to believe in his vision. One of the great things that you can learn from this film is that some people may question your talents but whether they believe in you or not, you must have more than enough confidence in yourself.

Written by Nicholas Wrespress, CEO of Social Media


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