The Movement Shall Be Televised

The spirit of entrepreneurship is widely growing across the country. There are more business sprouting through out our country than ever before. Major networks are starting to pick up on this wave and are trying to inspire many others to become entrepreneurs. Below are a list of shows that are encourage entrepreneurship.

1. The Profit

The Profit is a show that helps businesses that are struggling to reach success or trying to elevate to another level of success. Marcus Lemonis is a very successful CEO and investors in the United States. Marcus comes to comes to the business and analysis it from the head to toe. He then sits down with the owner or owners of the business and offers and certain amount of money to help the business. The drama comes along when he takes control of the businesses and he finds out whether if his skills can help these businesses. The show returns for its four season November 3rd on CNBC.


2. Startup U

Do you know of an idea that can solve many problems that society is facing today? This show focuses on trying to create a team that can accomplish this. Startup U is a brand new show on ABC Family that tries to build a successful team with some of America’s brightest twenty year old students. Tim Draper, founder of Draper University, gets some the schools future entrepreneurs to see how they can come together and develop traits that can help them grow their businesses On of the cool things they just did was a Hack-A-Thon!

startup U

3. SharkTank

SharkTank is one of the most exciting shows on how to expand your brand. Successful business owners come in and pitch their ideas to the four major investors These investors are listening to see if these businesses are worth investing into. If one of the investors like what they hear, they will throw an offer out. If none of them see the company potiental, then the owners could walk out empty handed. Marketing your idea is one the strongest points of this show. Shark Tank comes back to ABC on September 25 for the shows seventh season.


4. Undercover Boss

Be careful what you do. Your boss may be working with you! The show Undercover boss has the bosses of a company come in and try to become of working staff. The bosses are in a disguise so the rest of the staff can not recognize them. It is up to the staff to make the new employee to feel welcome and comfortable or they might end up out of job. Undercover Boss has seasons under its belt on CBS.



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