HACK A WHOO?! (What is a Hack-A-Thon)

A Hack-A-Thon is an event for students or inventors to come together and create materials that can solve some common problems of today. The word hack means to gain access to data in a system. This is where most people start to develop an idea for the name. The A-thon part is the end part of marathon or triathlon, meaning that event will take place for a quite long duration of time. Put two and two together, then you have a hack-a-thon.  So to clarify, the hack-a-thon is an event where some of today’s brightest students are put into teams where they have a duration of time, ranging from 24 to 48 hours to come up with an idea.


Now every hack-a-thon does not have to be focused on creating a new technological invention that will change the world. There are other ways to have a hack-a-thons. Some people organize ones that help create social good. Others use them to create solutions in the work place. More and more creative events are being created. There are no limits!

Within these time frames, the students are provided with food and a place to sleep. The people that organize these events want to make sure that the participants are well taken care of. When you think about it, it is like a well-organized sleepover. And the best part about this event, it is one hundred percent FREE! I know the idea of hackathon is starting to sound more attractive.


Lastly, at the end of the event, participants pitch their ideas and judges choose winners. One of the things to understand about your idea is just because it makes sense you, it may not be understood by others. The judges are likely to dissect the idea to get the ins and outs of it. The top three teams will end up winning prizes such as a trophies, new gadgets, and/or money to support their idea.


Hopefully, this has provided you some idea of how a hackathon works and inspires you to hack!

part of one. It is events like these bring out the future innovators of world.


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