John Kennebrew: Do’s and Dont’s for recruiting and keeping good people (L.I.F.E)

Do’s and Dont’s for recruiting and keeping good people
By John Kennebrew, Founder and Executive Director of Showcase Group

As the founder of a nonprofit organization focused on the prevention of youth detained in GA youth detention centers, having quality volunteers and facilitators is essential to the success of our work.

Whatever you are recruiting for, it’s important to draw people in with a genuine interest for your cause.  I receive a frequent request from individuals needing to meet volunteer requirements.  Depending on the level of involvement, this type of volunteer may not be a match for your cause.  Don’t put people on your team just because you think you need people.  Add the right people to your team and see your vision through.

The first volunteer I recruited to my organization outside of my personal network is still with Showcase Group after three years.  He was looking for volunteer opportunities to work with youth.  We have a unique niche of working with youth currently detained in detention centers.  This really stood out for him.  What makes your cause or initiative unique to the volunteers you seek?

Because his volunteer experience has been fulfilling, he is committed to the mission of our organization and shows up, which is important to the youth we serve who so often have people walk out of their lives.

In all things give thanks.  Make certain to show appreciation for those who support your work and be grateful for the individual value they add.  I’m often amazed at the level of commitment others give to empowering the over 2,000 youth detained in GA youth detention centers through the work of Showcase Group.  It is my belief that everyone wants to be a part of something and contribute to society in some way.  I’m fortunate to be able to provide an opportunity.

Keep positive and motivated people around you. This is one of the most important factors for recruiting and keeping good people. The attitude and mindset the individuals in your network will make or break your mission and will spread like wildfire for good or bad.  

No one achieves greatness without being of service.  Service is the essence of greatness.  All great men and women became great because they gave some talent or ability in the service of others.  And no matter how small our talent, we too can contribute in some way to others – we too can become great.


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