Hack The School

Georgia State University is making history by having it first ever hackathon! The hackathon is titled Hack The School, where students are coming up with ideas that are going to solve the issues they face at the university. Are the shuttle buses taking to long that your always late to class? Does it seem like the shuttles are over crowded or there are not enough running? Why does sitting for financial aid assistance take so long? These are some issues that if you could address at the Hack The School. The event will take place on October 24-25 9am at the Aderhold Building. This is event will be 24 hours. Food and a place to sleep will be provided. All of these things are free if you sign up.


The problem areas for this hackathon are:

Hack the Classroom: A classroom hack would improve professors’ ability to teach or students’ ability to learn material (in or out of the classroom).

Hack the Web: A web hack would improve the online experience on campus for students and (or) faculty and staff.

Hack the Campus: A campus hack would improve some form of the on-campus experience, including but not limited to: transportation/navigation, communication and safety.

Student Entertainment: A student entertainment hack would improve the student experience in a way that students find enjoyable.

This is an exciting time for Georgia State because this will be the first of many hackathons that will occur at the university.

If you have not registered for the GSU Hack The School yet, you still have time to be apart of history. You can register at here:


Only the first 50 people are able to be apart of this first hackathon.

Hope to see some of you innovators there!


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