GSU Hack Series

CEO Hacks is one of a series of hackathons called GSU HACKS SERIES. The series includes CEO Hacks, CII-PantherHackers Hackathon and the Crim Center Urban Education Hackathon. 

GSU HACKS SERIES: Is an ongoing series of focused hackathons that bring together Georgia State University education, innovation and media focused industries, metro-Atlanta technology and innovation focused businesses, and other community organizations to hack solutions to local, regional and national challenges. These hackathons will take place quarterly for a year. Participants and projects from each hackathon will interconnect throughout the year.

The goals of these series of hackathons are:

  • To build a culture of hacking here at GSU
  • To create pathways to metro-Atlanta area tech related internships and jobs for participants
  • To compete in other local, regional and national hackathons
  • To innovate and hack solutions for problems in the metro-Atlanta that can have local, regional and national impacts



Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) (focus: student entrepreneurs)

Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Education (focus: urban education, technology, community engagement)

Center for Instructional Innovation, Panther Hackers (focus: student lead coding and development club, instructional design, digital literacy development)


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